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Where can I learn the availability of birth control near me?

Click Find a Clinic to type in your zip code and find participating Partner clinics near you.

Does No Drama cover IUD and implant removals?

Yes, any woman who wishes for her IUD or implant to be removed can have it removed at a No Drama clinic. If you do not have insurance to cover the removal, No Drama will pay for it.

I don’t have insurance, but I have a hormonal IUD that I want to get switched out for the nonhormonal IUD. Can you help me?

Yes. Our No Drama program will help you find a No Drama clinic to assist you with changing your birth control option for free or low-cost.

What do I need to do to get on birth control?

You will need to make a virtual visit appointment or an in-person appointment with one of our 100+ Partner clinics, where a nurse will help you determine which option is best for you and help you get it. You can call **NODRAMA on your mobile phone or fill out an appointment request form.

Can No Drama help me obtain insurance?

No Drama clinic staff can determine whether you qualify for insurance through the government’s Medicaid program based on your income, and they can advise you about how to apply, if you’re eligible. However, No Drama would be unable to advise you about how to obtain private health insurance.

How do I get started with No Drama?

Call **NODRAMA on your mobile phone or fill out an appointment request form. You will then receive a call from 803-219-1364 to help schedule a virtual visit or an in-person appointment.

How do I know if I qualify for No Drama?

Any woman in South Carolina qualifies for No Drama.

Is there a way to make an appointment online?

You can fill out an appointment request form. You will then be contacted by No Drama and be connected to a clinic to schedule a virtual visit or an in-person appointment, whichever you prefer.

What are your hours?

Click Find a Clinic, type in your zip code and find participating Partner clinics in your area and their hours of operation for in person visits. Virtual visits are available from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday–Friday.

Does my income have any effect on my eligibility?

No, your income does not affect your eligibility for No Drama. We have over 100 clinics all over South Carolina that offer free or low-cost birth control.

What is a virtual visit or birth control by phone?

A virtual visit is a medical appointment with a healthcare provider via secure videoconference. You will be able to speak privately in real-time with the healthcare provider during your appointment.

Are virtual visits safe?

Yes, all virtual visit sessions are safe, secure and private, just like an in-person appointment. Your virtual visit appointment is completely confidential. In addition, virtual visit appointments are NEVER audio or video recorded without a patient’s consent.

Do I need a South Carolina ID to qualify for birth control?

No. However, you will need some form of identification with a photo, preferably one showing your address in South Carolina. If you have recently relocated to our state, are enrolled in a college or university here or are a member of the military stationed here, then you will need to provide proof of residency like a utility bill in addition to your photo ID. We would encourage you to contact a clinic in your area through to confirm what documents will be required.

Is this program only available to residents of South Carolina?

No Drama is designed to serve those living in South Carolina. If you are residing in South Carolina temporarily or have moved here but not yet obtained legal residency status, No Drama can serve you. All you need to do is click Make an Appointment, find the closest clinic to you and schedule an appointment. You can even dial **NODRAMA on your mobile device to do this.

Is there someone who can help me navigate what to do next?

Yes! Amy, our No Drama Patient Advocate, can help answer any questions you have. She can be reached by emailing

More Questions?

Contact our No Drama support team any time to get answers.

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